HP 15- R018DX

Pros- 4 GB of RM, 750 HD, and price

Cons- Older processor, stock Intel video card

Verdict- For the price, this deal is a great one.


This beautiful black liquorish computer is sleek and lightweight for a full 15.6" machine, and looks great. At only 4.9 pounds this laptop is ideal for those professionals or students who need a bigger screen but, also need to be able to have a computer which is portable. As well, at only 1" thick this computer will not have any issues fitting into briefcases or backpacks. It comes 1 USB 3.0 port, and 2 USB 2.0 ports, so you will not have to worry about buying adapters! The build in stereo speakers produce a decent sound, but do tend to emit a high buzzing sound when at full blast. The webcam that is on board the R018DX is a solid cam, the HP TrueVision HD webcam will make chat easy over skype with its built in speaker. The screen on this laptop is great. With a resolution of 1366 x 768 pixels, this 15.6" BrightView LED backlight screen will have you watching your favorite movie in stunning 720 p, without any issues. The build quality is quite good, and the typing experience on this machine is phenomenal.


This HP is powered by an Intel Core i3-4010U processor that is going to put out 1.7 GHz in processor speed. This is a 4th generation processor, and not a bad one for the price of this computer. The graphics card is a stock HD Intel 4000 graphics card, and thus is nothing special. You will not be able to game on this computer, unless you love Roller Coaster Tycoon 2. This HP does have a surprising amount of DDR3 RAM for the price, a full 4 gb. With this much RAM you are going to be able to push the computer with multiple applications open at once. One of the most impressive things about this machine is its 750 gb hard drive. This big of a hard drive on this cheap of a machine is unheard of, and we absolutely love that HP has done this.

The Final Word

This HP is an absolutely great buy. You are not going to be able to beat the price, for what you are getting internally and visually. With the added bonus of a 1 month trial of Microsoft Office 365, this is one of the best deals on a laptop available. We strongly recommend picking this HP up if you are a student on a budget, or a professional looking for a decent portable laptop to do work on.