Acer C720 Chromebook

Pro's- 8.5 hour battery life, Light weight, 720 p Display

Con's- small hard drive, only 2 USB ports

Verdict- Good option for a Chromebook, if you are going to utilize the online storage.


The C720 Chromebook is a stylish little machine that is surprisingly rugged for the size of the device. Weighing only 2.76 pounds one would think this Chromebook would be flimsy, but the Full-size FineTip Keyboard performs extremely well under our typing tests. With a built in HD Webcam, two built in stereo speakers and Bluetooth 4.0 you will be covered head to toe. With those looking for ports, the Chromebook comes with 1 USB 3.0 port, and 1 USB 2.0 port, as well as a HDMI connection to connect your Chromebook to your television. The Chromebook also comes with a LED-backlit Display that is an Anti-glare HD Widescreen that stretches a generous 11.6".


The Acer Chromebook is powered by a great little processor, the Intel Celeron 2955U that has output of 1.4 GHz. With this processor you are going to be able to all of your normal functions including word processing, web browsing and light video viewing. The 2 gb of DDR3 RAM will have your computer whizzing with speed. You will be able to keep multiple applications without a concern for overheating or slowing down the machine. The graphics card is not the greatest in the world, but for this type of machine a top of the line graphics card is not necessary. The C720 comes with the stock Intel HD graphics 4000 card, and will be able to handle basic video at 720p, and that is about it. Unless you are wanting to play old school games, this is not a device to be gaming on. Last but not least, the Chromebook comes with a 16 gb solid state hard drive. Solid state drives have become a staple of the Chromebooks, and these great drives are more resistant to fragmentation and total data losses. You do get 100 gb of drive space on the Google cloud, but the subscription is only for a year, so you will have to monitor that carefully.

The Final Word

The C720 Chromebook is a great little machine for the price. You can get a larger hard drive with other manufactures at the same price point, but for those who do quite a bit of typing, we strongly suggest the Acer. The solid build quality, great battery life, and the portability of this machine make it a great buy for those looking for a small device for in between work and home.